Dupree Gallery Representation

I am honored that James Dupree has invited me into his gallery and will be representing my work.

The work that James Dupree has produced over the last 50 years defies comprehension. He is a true Art Master. His catalog of 35 series of works is so broad and deep, one is amazed when trying to comprehend how anyone could accomplish what he has. Not to mention that he did this in addition to his time spent as a gallery owner, educator and activist.

He has reinvented himself time and again with fierce passion and glorifies every surface he has worked on each time creating something unique, artistically profound and utterly captivating. If there is a common theme that runs through all of his work and accomplishments, it is that they are all remarkable.


Artists in Action

Artists in Action!

Join me for an afternoon of art demonstration and exhibition in my hometown.

April 29, 2023, 1-4PM.  The event will be indoors and take place at 505 Demott Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873

Stop by for a brief visit or enjoy a full afternoon exploring tools, techniques and works of local Artists in Action at the Festival!

I’ll be demonstrating some of the techniques used in the making of organic shaped stretchers, and have the NURTURING original on display, and available for purchase.

Also on display will be 2 of the latest paintings as canvas printsNURTURING and ETERNAL EMBRACE (pictured).

The Eternal Embrace original in it’s new home posing with a canvas print!


Bringing ‘HORIZONS’ To Life


Interesting spaces are always more intriguing when they display a work of art.  It makes the surroundings more vibrant, stretches the visual dimensions, deepens the ambiance, and treats the eye and the imagination to something to explore.

Art becomes another space within a space which can be grand and expansive, petite and inviting, calm or striking.  One thing is certain, it always invites engagement.

In creating a transformation of her central living space, Ingrid was looking for something that would complete her vision of her elegantly furnished Living Room that would further invigorate the sophisticated space. This stylish room feels expansive with a large, beautiful picture window encompassing a bright, northern exposure.  There is a wooded view with tall trees and a gentle hill rolling down into a trickling brook.  The sun shines brightly through the wide windows bringing to life the luscious mauve colored walls which shroud the space.

We sat together and chatted about the surroundings, influences, family, and the lives they’d built in this wonderful home, all the while soaking in her unique personal taste.  It was a wonderful experience learning about her interests and contemplating notions of a work of art that could become an integral part of their home and lifestyle.

To make this the perfect space, a piece of art would reflect nature’s forms and patterns, evoke positive energy, be vivacious yet tempered, have a color palette that would excite with vigor, yet calm with ease, and would exude a sense of peace.  A tall order!

After reviewing preliminary sketches, we quickly came to select the design which now occupies the space.  Upon further discussion, it was clear that she liked other JNFA pieces she had seen, however this new piece would be an unknown.  Would it work in the space?  Would the shape and colors overwhelm the room?  Was there a way to envision the final result before starting out down that road?

When it comes to your living space, no one likes unpleasant surprises.  A mock-up was in order.

To create the effect, Step 1 starts with the selected design sketch.

HORIZONS Design Sketch

Step 2 – Through some Photoshop wizardry, a facsimile of what the piece would look like in the space is shown (images shown are a mockup, not final).

HORIZONS In-room Mockup

Everything is looking on point, so away we go.  It is time to create the art in the ‘Tree-Studio’.  Once the painting is complete, it then gets mounted to the adorning woodwork.  The final piece consists of 3 custom designed and built stretchers, painted in oil paint, on stretched canvas.  The woodwork is designed in collaboration with, and created by, Robert Post.

Here we see the art presented in the room.  It appears as though it has lofted in through the windows.  The elegant 3 painted panels hovering, feel as if they are in motion, like clouds that have drifted in from the sky.  They are offset by a sweeping avian form that is taking the whole piece into flight, it’s graceful limbs afloat as a bird’s wing, or a leaf in the breeze of a tree.  The juxtaposition of a bird’s body hosting the lofty clouds in it’s embrace defies our sense of scale revealing echoed patterns in nature.  Birds are sky, clouds float among them.

The final impression is one of excitement and peace, brilliant, intense color that satisfies the environment in that it piques engagement, yet does not overwhelm.  While in the room, your eyes drift from the artful, natural piece in front of you to the beauty of nature outside the large brightly lit windows across, creating a surrounding continuum of natural beauty.

“HORIZONS is peace in a not so peaceful world. It is very calming. The way the brilliant color palette is balanced gives me a sense of restfulness and relaxation. The room with HORIZONS is now my favorite room in the house. I love it more and more each time I look at it. It’s a masterpiece.” – Ingrid, art collector of HORIZONS

JNFA Art at Auction

JNFA Art at auction


I am happy to share that my latest artwork, WHAT FLOWER, is available via the Charlestown Playhouse auction.

Your bidding will support the Charlestown Playhouse, a cooperative non-profit preschool and kindergarten in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. All event proceeds will be used to maintain the building and grounds and to enrich their program. The school’s mission centers on learning through play, developing the social and emotional needs of each child and functioning as a cooperative to achieve these goals.

Happy Bidding!


All my best,



‘Soul of a Tree’ Art Opening and Exhibition

Soul of a Tree

I’m particularly excited about this exhibition at the D&R Greenway Land Trust.  The gallery space is unique and unlike any I’ve shown in before.  It has a very natural feel to its all wood surroundings, set in a new a New Jersey forest.  It feels like an extension of the TreeStudio.

There are a wide variety of artworks in the show, recent and past, grandiose and bijou.

The opening is Mar 16, 5:30-7:30pm, I hope to see you there!

Gallery hours are weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm, except for holidays. Please call 609.924.4646 ahead of time to ensure that art exhibitions are viewable in all rooms.

35% of your art purchase is a charitable donation in support of land preservation.

Many thanks to Diana Moore, the show curator who is exceptionally devoted to putting on amazing art exhibits.

Special thank you to Debbie Fanslow who connected me with D&R Greenway.

NYC Exhibition- Sep 17, 2017

What a great event!  Wonderful company, good friends, lots of interesting conversation, delicious food, and it was a beautiful day.  All made for a very entertaining exhibition.

I want to thank everyone who came to the show.  The rooms were filled with warmth, enthusiasm and joy.  It was a wonderful afternoon and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Many thanks to my dear friends who have supported me over the years and are at my events, they inspire me beyond words.  I was very excited to meet, talk with, and share my work with so many new friends!

Special thanks to Michael and Susannah for making this show a reality.  Incredible hosts, from the inspired suggestion to have the show, to creating a beautiful and perfect event.  My worked has never looked better than it did in their home, they have exquisite taste and caring attention to every detail.  I am grateful beyond words.

Many thanks to Joseph, my loving brother, who dropped everything to come in and setup the show and who is always everything I need.  He is the the absolute best.

EXHIBIT: Spectrum Miami

Come see me at Spectrum Miami!  (Nov 30-Dec 4)

I’ll be in Booth 308.

I will be having special ‘Meet the Artist‘ sessions where I will get behind the scenes.  Dec 1, 5pm; Dec 4, 1:30pm

Register for unlimited passes online and get in free.

  • GUEST PASS: Click Here (Grants Access to Show Days December 1st–4th)
  • COLLECTOR PASS: Click Here (Grants Access to Opening Preview Party – November 30, 6pm–10pm, and all Show Days)

Spectrum Booth 308

‘Inspiration in the Trees’ – The video is here!

‘Inspiration in the Trees’ is here!

I’m very excited to have partnered with the experts at CrumlicMedia, the Creative Media Production company producing the finest Artist Videos, to present making art in the Treehouse Studio like never seen before!

This On Location video includes artist insights on color and light and captures me at work in the Treehouse Studio. There’s never before seen drone footage of the Treehouse Studio and its surroundings from nearly 200ft above!

Includes a guest appearance by Greg Telleri, ‘Manhattanite’, who recently commissioned JNFA for a 4 panel, Angular Stretcher Oil Painting.  With a goal to bring Nature’s spirit and energy into his beautiful West Village apartment, in the video, we see a literal transformation from nature to city.

I hope you enjoy watching ‘Inspiration in the Trees’, I am happy to bring nature closer to you.



JNFA Commissions – How it works

JNFA Commission Policy

I invite commissions and look forward to working together with you on our next project.

Not sure exactly what you want?  Like to create and explore?  Want something personal that is completely unique and different?  Then consider a JNFA commission to complete your space.

Why choose to commission a piece?

Commissions are a fascinating way to initiate and create a work of art where you are a crucial part of the process.  We collaborate on the design of the work, you get to watch it grow and ultimately enjoy having it placed it in your home or other preferred location.

Commissions are exciting!!!!  Using ‘Nature’s Secret‘ Stretchers, Wooden Hanging Structure, or Angular Stretchers, the possibilities are endless.  We have the ability to create just about anything!  Because the exact result of creating a piece is unknown, the anticipation keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The process is engaging and interactive – we get to work together on the design, the scale and the budget

We will produce a work of art that will not only be completely satisfied with, but will be guaranteed to eagerly share it with everyone you know.  It will bring lasting inspiration, energy, joy and nature’s spirit into your space and life.

As if that wasn’t enough, commissions are budget friendly.  Marketing artwork is expensive, as is having to move it to and from shows and galleries, and there is significant risk for the artist not knowing whether or not something will sell.

When you commission a piece, there is no marketing, no moving art and the risk of sale is significantly reduced.  I will pass these savings on to you.

So how does it work?

Once you indicate you’d like to initiate a commission, we will schedule a start.

Commissions are first come, first serve basis, so I encourage you to contact me right away if you are interested.

The first step, we get together, we can do this at your location, in the Treehouse Studio, wherever you prefer.  We will go through your interests, what is appealing to you, what is important for you for your work of art.

From there, I will draft up an initial design proposal for your review, with a cost estimate, and we then collaborate to get to a mutually agreed design concept and plan that will result in a personal, spectacular work of art.  At this point I will provide you with a final estimate.  If you we can’t come to an agreement, we needn’t proceed.  There is no charge to you whatsoever.

I am happy to work up scaled, ‘in-room’ mock-ups at no charge, so that you can get a feel for orientation in your space.

front Michele S

5 panel Commission for Michele S.

Once we do agree on a design, plan and estimate, I will charge you 25% of the total cost at the start of the project to get started, cover materials and expenses.  It is at this point your commission is official and you are placed in queue.

I will indicate the time frame when your project is going to start based on the current queue, and at that start point, I will then proceed to create your unique, personal work of art.  I will provide you with regular updates as the work progresses.

When the work is complete you can choose whether or not to accept it.

If you accept it, I will show up with your work of art soon after and install it for you (assuming it is within driving distance, else it will be shipped and we will arrange installation).  This is all included.  I will even cook and bring with me a batch (7 qts) of my family’s recipe Marinara Sauce as an extra special thank you and welcome to the JNFA Art Family.

If you choose to decline the work, I will refund your 25% in full and offer you a 20% discount on any JNFA Original work of art as a Thank You for trying the commission process.

If you need to cancel your project before it is complete, please notify me as soon as possible.  You will receive your initial 25% payment in full.

This is our NO RISK approach to commissions.

Timing for Delivery

Please note, since we start upon the work together only when it is initiated, and I need to create it, commissions do take time.  If you are looking for something right away, I would recommend you select something from our readily available, broad selection of JNFA Original Fine Art or Prints.