JNFA Commissions – How it works

JNFA Commission Policy

I invite commissions and look forward to working together with you on our next project.

Not sure exactly what you want?  Like to create and explore?  Want something personal that is completely unique and different?  Then consider a JNFA commission to complete your space.

Why choose to commission a piece?

Commissions are a fascinating way to initiate and create a work of art where you are a crucial part of the process.  We collaborate on the design of the work, you get to watch it grow and ultimately enjoy having it placed it in your home or other preferred location.

Commissions are exciting!!!!  Using ‘Nature’s Secret‘ Stretchers, Wooden Hanging Structure, or Angular Stretchers, the possibilities are endless.  We have the ability to create just about anything!  Because the exact result of creating a piece is unknown, the anticipation keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The process is engaging and interactive – we get to work together on the design, the scale and the budget

We will produce a work of art that will not only be completely satisfied with, but will be guaranteed to eagerly share it with everyone you know.  It will bring lasting inspiration, energy, joy and nature’s spirit into your space and life.

As if that wasn’t enough, commissions are budget friendly.  Marketing artwork is expensive, as is having to move it to and from shows and galleries, and there is significant risk for the artist not knowing whether or not something will sell.

When you commission a piece, there is no marketing, no moving art and the risk of sale is significantly reduced.  I will pass these savings on to you.

So how does it work?

Once you indicate you’d like to initiate a commission, we will schedule a start.

Commissions are first come, first serve basis, so I encourage you to contact me right away if you are interested.

The first step, we get together, we can do this at your location, in the Treehouse Studio, wherever you prefer.  We will go through your interests, what is appealing to you, what is important for you for your work of art.

From there, I will draft up an initial design proposal for your review, with a cost estimate, and we then collaborate to get to a mutually agreed design concept and plan that will result in a personal, spectacular work of art.  At this point I will provide you with a final estimate.  If you we can’t come to an agreement, we needn’t proceed.  There is no charge to you whatsoever.

I am happy to work up scaled, ‘in-room’ mock-ups at no charge, so that you can get a feel for orientation in your space.

front Michele S

5 panel Commission for Michele S.

Once we do agree on a design, plan and estimate, I will charge you 25% of the total cost at the start of the project to get started, cover materials and expenses.  It is at this point your commission is official and you are placed in queue.

I will indicate the time frame when your project is going to start based on the current queue, and at that start point, I will then proceed to create your unique, personal work of art.  I will provide you with regular updates as the work progresses.

When the work is complete you can choose whether or not to accept it.

If you accept it, I will show up with your work of art soon after and install it for you (assuming it is within driving distance, else it will be shipped and we will arrange installation).  This is all included.  I will even cook and bring with me a batch (7 qts) of my family’s recipe Marinara Sauce as an extra special thank you and welcome to the JNFA Art Family.

If you choose to decline the work, I will refund your 25% in full and offer you a 20% discount on any JNFA Original work of art as a Thank You for trying the commission process.

If you need to cancel your project before it is complete, please notify me as soon as possible.  You will receive your initial 25% payment in full.

This is our NO RISK approach to commissions.

Timing for Delivery

Please note, since we start upon the work together only when it is initiated, and I need to create it, commissions do take time.  If you are looking for something right away, I would recommend you select something from our readily available, broad selection of JNFA Original Fine Art or Prints.