Narrative: A commission piece created for Greg Telleri for his beautiful Manhattan home.  This work brings the energy of the natural Treehouse Studio surroundings and the power of Nature to his city-based home.

In order to capture the progress of the day, the left ‘tower’ was painted only in early morning light, the right ‘tower’ was painted only in late day and evening light.  The center, protruding panel brings forth the energetic, atmospheric dynamism of the day which surges above the restful field below.

Overall Dimensions: Width 58” x Height 32” x Depth 4″

Format: 4 panels, wooden hanging structure (included)

Oil paint on stretched canvas created using only the finest quality materials

The Stretchers: Designed, hand crafted and constructed by the artist, extra heavy duty ‘Angular Strecthers’ are completely solid, will not warp and stay flat over time.

The Wooden Hanging Structure: Tightly wrapped in a dramatic, hand-made quarter sawn oak floating frame (thank you Robert Post!) which was treated to an ammonia/steel wool blackening bath, the wood is transformed into its final blackened look.  Varnished to a beautiful finish.

The Paint: ‘Old Holland Classic Oil Colours’ oil paint for the richest, most vibrant color

The Oil: ‘Chelsea Classical Studio’ Clarified Pale Cold Pressed Walnut Oil. This natural, pale, professional-quality walnut oil will not darken, and provides brighter and richer tones and hues in oil colors. This magnificent oil was mentioned many times as a favored painting medium in the writings of Leonardo DaVinci!

The Canvas: #10 double-filled Army Duck canvas, selected for its smooth, uniform surface and durability

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