Narrative: The intensely rich, bold, earthy contrasting texture and colors of ‘BECKONING’ conveys a sense of Earth’s soil, the stuff that makes up the very ground we walk on.  It is inviting and feels like a patch of ground that invites you, beckons you, to trespass upon.

Overall Dimensions: Width 44” × Height 34”

Format: Single Panel

Oil paint on stretched canvas created using only the finest quality materials

The Paint: ‘Old Holland Classic Oil Colours’ oil paint for the richest, most vibrant color

The Oil: ‘Chelsea Classical Studio’ Clarified Pale Cold Pressed Walnut Oil. This natural, pale, professional-quality walnut oil will not darken, and provides brighter and richer tones and hues in oil colors. This magnificent oil was mentioned many times as a favored painting medium in the writings of Leonardo DaVinci!

The Canvas: #10 double-filled Army Duck canvas, selected for its smooth, uniform surface and durability