Narrative: ‘WORLD FALLS’ depicts an image of a figure that is at the plane between our world and an imagined world.  As it is blended between the two, an earthly sphere falls upon the figure releasing its energy and collapsing all structure.

From the Owner: I am so in love with WORLD FALLS and honored to have it in my Home

Overall Dimensions: Width 36” × Height 60”

Format: Single Panel

Oil paint on stretched canvas created using only the finest quality materials

The Paint: ‘Old Holland Classic Oil Colours’ oil paint for the richest, most vibrant color

The Oil: ‘Chelsea Classical Studio’ Clarified Pale Cold Pressed Walnut Oil. This natural, pale, professional-quality walnut oil will not darken, and provides brighter and richer tones and hues in oil colors. This magnificent oil was mentioned many times as a favored painting medium in the writings of Leonardo DaVinci!

The Canvas: #10 double-filled Army Duck canvas, selected for its smooth, uniform surface and durability