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Narrative: Inspired by Miami, and portraying many of the features that make it such a unique place, THE WANDERING DIMENSION also encapsulates aspects of the creative life-force, manifestation of matter and energy and the creatures within it.  The painting and wood complement are entirely raised from the wall and have the appearance of floating in front of the wall.

Overall Dimensions: Width 98” x Height 66” x Depth 12″

Format: 4 panels, wooden hanging structure (included)

Oil paint on stretched canvas created using only the finest quality materials

The Stretchers: Designed, created and built by the artist, this unique ‘Nature’s Secret’ stretcher is hand drawn and carved with a multi-layered, ridged edge for added effect.  The stretchers have parabolic backplanes and protrude from the wall.

The Wooden Hanging Structure: Designed by the artist to augment the narrative, the sculptural element is created from Tiger Striped Maple wood, by Furniture maker Robert Post.  It is treated with UV color protectant, Waterlox Varnish, and finished with the finest paste wax.  It’s lustre is comparable to that of fine furniture.

The Paint: ‘Old Holland Classic Oil Colours’ oil paint for the richest, most vibrant color

The Oil: ‘Chelsea Classical Studio’ Clarified Pale Cold Pressed Walnut Oil. This natural, pale, professional-quality walnut oil will not darken, and provides brighter and richer tones and hues in oil colors. This magnificent oil was mentioned many times as a favored painting medium in the writings of Leonardo DaVinci!

The Canvas: Heavy Duty spandex infused denim, selected for its ability to flex, unique surface and durability

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