Creating the Perfect Space

Interesting spaces are always more intriguing when they display a work of art.  It makes the surroundings more vibrant, stretches the visual dimensions, deepens the ambiance, and treats the eye and the imagination to something to explore.

Art becomes another space within a space which can be grand and expansive, petite and inviting, calm or striking.  One thing is certain, it always inviting engagement.

In creating a transformation of her central living space, Ingrid, the owner of HORIZONS was looking for something to complete her vision of her elegantly furnished living room.  Something that would further invigorate this sophisticated space. This is a stylish room feels expansive with a large, beautiful picture window encompassing a bright, northern exposure.  There is a wooded view with tall trees and a gentle hill rolling down into a trickling brook.  The sun shines brightly through the wide portal of light bringing to life the luscious mauve colored walls which shroud the space.

Ingrid and I sat together and chatted about our surroundings, influences, family, and the lives they’d built in this wonderful home, all the while soaking in her unique personal taste.  It was a wonderful experience learning about her interests and contemplating notions of something that could become an integral part of their home and lifestyle.

To make this the perfect space, a piece of art would reflect nature’s forms and patterns, carry positive energy, be vivacious yet tempered, have a color palette that would excite with vigor, yet calm with ease, and would exude a sense of peace.  A tall order!

I presented Ingrid with preliminary sketches, and we quickly came to select the design which now occupies the space.

Upon further discussion, it was clear that she was enamored with my work that she had seen, however this new piece would be an unknown.  Would it work in the space?  Would the shape and colors overwhelm the room?  Was there a way to envision the final result before starting out down that road?

When it comes to your living space, no one likes unpleasant surprises.  A mock-up was in order.

To create the effect, Step 1 – I took the initial design sketch that Ingrid selected,

HORIZONS Design Sketch


Step 2 – Through some Photoshop wizardry, I was able to provide a facsimile of what the piece would look like in the space by mapping the design sketch with some detail from another piece in the collection.

HORIZONS In-room Mockup


Everything is looking on point, so away we go.  Time to create the art in the arboreal atelier, and mount the adorning woodwork.

Here we see the art adorning the room.  The 3 painted panels hovering, seeming in motion, like clouds that have drifted in from the outside sky.  They are offset by a sweeping avian form that is taking the whole piece into flight.  It’s delicately shaped limbs feeling afloat as a bird’s wing, or a leaf in the breeze of a tree.  The juxtaposition of a bird’s body to the lofty clouds it embraces defies our sense of scale revealing echoed patterns in nature across its universe.  Birds are sky, clouds float among them.


Describe how the work achieved the goals and how it works to create the perfect space